Well I can tell ya that theres nothing else quite like it
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I wore a Justin Bieber shirt to one of my gigs once. I then ripped it off and burned the shirt. One of the most metal things I've ever done.

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and that thing is super sexy......like megan fox sexy.

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Since when has asking the pit counted as research?
I dont think you'll have issues with other bands having the same name.

good to see 311 fans out there though.
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norwegian black metal band i assume?

norwegian black death metal band!
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It could work, what style?

Radiohead-ish with slightly more pop sensibilities
My username is old, don't judge me (but old 311 is good)
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norwegian black death metal band!

I thought it was a vegetarian progressive grindcore band.
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panda theif sounds like punk or alternative. if you like it use it.

ya alternative is exactly what we are

really happy with the response from here, thanks guys
My username is old, don't judge me (but old 311 is good)