I'm watching the Page Hamilton Sonic Shapes DVD, and he starts of way over my head, but I'm catching up...
The third scale he talks about is the altered diminished scale in D...
Does anyone have a tab of it? There's notation included, but not about scales or any tab...
I can't read music very well, so I'm a little lost...

He also talks about the super chops method... does anyone have tab of that?
I've never heard of this scale but a google search says that the Altered Diminished scale in C is as follows:
C, Db, Eb, Fb, Gb, Ab, and Bbb

Which is
1 b2 b3 b4 b5 b6 bb7

Or in tab(let's hope I get this right...)


Looks pretty ugly to me but give it a go. It's just like the altered scale but with a doubleflat 7th.
looks good and sounds right... Thanks!

Now for the super chops tab!
i've pm'd superchops to you.
sadly, your going to find it does not really focus on physical chops, but on playing constant eight note lines over complex chord changes. if you spend an hour a day on it, and follow the routine you will become a much better improviser as far as playing over complex changes goes, and you will improve your physical chops even though they take the back seat in this course to practical improvising and playing (as well they should in any situation).
Sorry, Captain: I haven't received the PM... I understand the superchops method to a certain extent, but I wanted to get a bit deeper into it....

And I need tabs for the chords I've seen! I'm learning, but it takes time!
Page Hamilton is misinformed. Theres no such thing as an altered diminished scale. Diminished scales are already altered. The half-whole formula corresponds to the b5b9 altered chord and the whole-half formula corresponds to the #5#9 altered chord. In order for something to be altered, it must simply have an "altered" 5 and 9(2). Both kinds of diminished scales already adhere to this.

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