So the lead guitarist in my band wants to use a Vox AC30 for clean tones when playing live rather than stick with the sounds from his Triple Rectifier. What's the name of the pedal that allows you to switch between amps, and which brands are advisable? This is probably a simple answer, but I totally forgot.
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A/B/Y switch.
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An A/B, or an A/B/Y if he wants to use both at once (probably not)
I'm not sure of brands, I made one myself, its not too hard. They're just a switch and 3 jacks in a box 2 switches if its an A/B/Y.
you could DIY, but...

if he ever wants to play both amps at the same time (and he will. I did, with almost the exact same amps actually), he'll want a buffered ABY like the Radial Twin City. it preserves the signal strength to both amps instead of degrading it to both. Plus, it has a phase inversion switch for one channel, VERY handy if the amps are out of phase.

EDIT: forgot to mention, if he goes with a passive design, make sure it doesn't bleed. otherwise he'll hear a faint version of his recto set to "fry" while he's playing clean.
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