I sold my H1 Stratocaster, Blues Junior and got myself a MIA Standard Stratocaster, a Seagull Rustic and a BOSS Micro BR.

The seagull didn't cost much because they are made 2 hours by car from where I live.
I wanted something simple to record myself and have fun. It's a gift from me to me for finishing college and getting a good job, I suck but I still enjoy them !

The Seagull is quite good, way better than the Asian acoustics that I tried. It's not perfect, the sound is a bit thin but I love the neck (less flat than the other seagulls, closer to a Stratocaster neck than a acoustic neck).

The BOSS recorder is nice to have. It's a bit complicated and there are some options that are quite frustrating but in general it's a good tool to record myself and listen back so I can learn where I can improve.

For the Stratocaster, everyone knows how they sound...

I recorded a little (shitty) something with everything tonight. It's in my profile !
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i got the same hendrix poster
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Congratz. I like the poster

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Looks nice. What amp are you playing through now?

Also, sweet beaches
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