This song uses the chorus (only the chorus, the verses will be different) of Soldier Side by System of a Down... tell me what you think!

Ten thousand men and boys twist their bodies on a river’s edge
Gasping of wounds
Wondering when their saviors come
Or if they’re going to be saved

A laughing young man, sunny with freckles
Tells a crowd his lie -
Our enemies were sinners
Maybe they deserve to die

They were crying as their sons left
But all young men must go
We’ve gone so far to find the truth
We’re never going home

Welcome to the (soon-to-be) land of the free
The home of the brave
The land we’ve liberated
Where in God (they will) trust
Where there’s no one here but me
Maybe (someday)
That Star - Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave
But now there’s no one left but me

Head held high, I had left home
But God was wearing black
We’ve come so far but found no hope
We’re never going back
So wait. Is this song going to have a sample of the chorus of "Soldier Side"?
More or less. I changed around a couple of the words to fit the theme better.
honestly, make it have more content if you're gonna sample

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