How would the people of the bass forum compare and contrast Carvin LB series and a Warwick Corvette. I'm focusing exclusively on tone here. Is there even any comparison?

No comparison.

Corvettes have an ovangkol neck and wenge fretboard, and either a swamp ash or bubinga body. LB series have either alder, walnut or alder/flamed maple with necks using maple or walnut and maple laminates.

They will sound similar, in the same way that two guitars made out of completely different woods, electronics and dimensions would sound the same. Possibly the fact that they're both active means that there may some similarities if you cut and boost things, but really, they're chalk and cheese.
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No comparison.

enough said!
Warwick Corvette = very nice example of a "top of the line" bass.
Carvin LB = very nice example of " you get what you pay for" bass.