Hey guys, I'm looking for other Epiphone Les Paul's that have the faded cherry finish found on the Epi LP Ultra II:

I think it looks amazing, but I don't really like the active pickups/nano acoustic simulator technology. I looked at the epi LP standards and plus tops but the closest I could find was the heritage sunburst which looks good:
but doesn't really match up to the faded cherry imo.

so can anyone help me find any epi LP other than the Ultra I or II that has a faded cherry finish?
Do you specifically mean faded cherry sunburst? Because I found this, but it's doesn't exactly look like the pic you posted http://www.samash.com/p/1960%20Les%20Paul%20Tribute%20Electric%20Guitar%20Assorted%20Colors_904344
First link doesn't say what pickups it is but the second got the 57' classic in both the neck and bridge. But as I said before they don't look exactly like the pic you put up but you did say faded cherry...
Edit: btw you should post this in the classifieds/gear forum, you'll probably get quicker responses there
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I might be wrong about this, but I believe that the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra and Ultra II are the only Epiphone Les Pauls that come with a quilt maple top ()OK; it's a veneer). If that is what you mean by its finish, then you won't find another Epiphone Les Paul with it.

Nothing says you have to use the Nano pickup that comes with the Ultra II, and if you can find an older Ultra I it doesn't have it at all. They are fine guitars, so if that's the finish you like then you should consider buying one.
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