Has anybody in the land of GB&C done Monte Allum's DS-1 Rectifier mod? i'd like to try my hand at modding a pretty underwhelming stock pedal into something useful! it seems okay for the price, i was just wondering what difficulty level i'd be likely to face, aswell as how much of an improvement i'll see?

also, here's a link to the site:
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I've just picked up a DS-1 with the intention of modding it so I'd be pretty interested to know peoples thoughts too.
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I haven't done that particular mod but I've done several Boss pedal mods including some from Monte Allums. Really the hardest part for most people will be desoldering the old components. Fortunately the Monte Allums mods come with a piece of high quality wick that does a great job of pulling the solder off. It's pretty cramped inside the pedal and that can be a concern but if you're careful you should be fine.

I'd say it's not that hard if you have any experience with a soldering iron at all. If you don't, it might be wise to find a friend who can help.
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i'd just do what i did, socket most of the parts and make your own mod.

then you'll learn alot about how to mod other pedals and wont need other people for it.
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yeah i was going to pick up some sockets so i could play with different things.
some guitars
some amps
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