not sure exactly but ive seen some guitars have the pup screwed into the body
although im sure some sort of under pick up ring exists
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I would determine how high you want your humbucker to sit off the bottom of the pickup cavity first. Once you know this, I would cut out a piece of wood of that height that would fit diagonally across said cavity. I'd then fit my humbucker on top this block and mark where my screw holes would need to be. Drill them, then glue the block into the cavity. Then screw your humbucker in and done.

EDIT: And as for the holes in your guitar from the now removed pickup ring, I believe you could simply put some wood glue on a tip of toothpicks, insert them into the holes, bend and break them, sand them flush, and refinish the guitar (in short).

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Direct mounted pickups are just screwed into the pickup cavity with a screw and spring. That's all there is to it.
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