I was wondering if anybody else experiences it aswell?

After around half an hour of playing the right hand side of my back starts to ache to the point where I dont want to play anymore, which isnt good for progress.

I heard alot of poeple have the same ache in the same spot (its under the shoulder on the right hand side, between the middle and the top) so I was wondering if anyone has a cure, or a reason for it?

Im guessing it is to do with posture so a few posture tips would be handy, Im currently practiing sweeping though and find I need to lean a little further over than usual.

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Man, I have the same problem. The only way I've found to remedy it is to sit in a chair w/o arm rests, so your back has good support. As far as the practicing sweeping, do you have a mirror? My guitar teacher once told me when practicing and getting ready for a show, use a mirror to give you feedback on how you look holding the guitar. (After all, who wants to watch a show where the musicians are all inanimate?) Just a thought. If you have to, take a break every 20-30 minutes and stretch your back out, that's one of the things I do, at least when my back starts hurting.
Is this happening when you play sitting down or standing up or both because I have the same thing playing when sitting down and now I just play standing up and seems to help.
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You are probably like most of us the musicianworld... you don't exercise much. Remember to take walks, do some push-ups or whatever once in a while and stretch your whole body. And maybe the most important thing, when you play don't try not to bend your whole back over the guitar just to see the frets. Sit tall and straight!
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions,

Freepower that technique link is brilliant!