well..i am learning guitaring for 6months. i can play few covers(hope :P). i learnt thoery a little bit. now i have a lots of doubts on theory. simple but very important and faqs.

1)what is the difference bw major and minor scales? is it jus TSTTS diff?
(like for major its TTSTTT formula, for minor its TSTTST formula. its jus tat playing the scales?)

2) while playing pentatonic scales, i have 5 tones tats pentatonic.. fine, i learnt that hopscotch method, so basically 5boxes or shapes makes u play all five notes each as the root note. well my question is, what if u use the g pentatonic shape(tats the 1st shape) and play it in the 5th fret?? its stil gonna give the pentatonic sound..! rite?

ans me please..! pls spend even 10 minutes typing it clearly thank u very much
1.) The difference between Major and Minor scales is that the major formula is WWHWWWH.
Minor scale: WHWWHWW

(Where W = whole step (two frets), and H = half step (one fret))

If we take an E major scale, adopted to only the low E string (6th), it looks like this:


And accordingly, E minor:


Also, every minor is derived from its parent major scale. Em is the minor of Gmaj.

To find a major scale's minor equivalent, lay out the notes of the scale in order, let's look at the G major scale:


Where 3* is the root note (G), and the sixth scale tone (E) is where the minor starts.

The relative minor of a major scale has the exact same notes, just played in a different starting order, basically. In this way you can also see that the relative minor of Cmaj is Amin.

2.)If I'm understanding you, and you take the G Pentatonic and shift the whole pattern up by a whole step from G to A, then it'll still sound plenty pentatonic. It'll jut be in the key of Am instead of Gm.
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lol...i was just in a hurry.. as long as u understand, it doesnt matter. well in all the scale the sixth note is its relative minor?? in case of C, its Am??
you can take any shape and move the root note (the starting note) to any fret to get that particular scale

for instance, you want to improvise over a basic Aminor blues chord progression so you would move the minor pentatonic scale to start on the 5th fret low E - which would be A

its more important to start with the C major scale, C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C and learning where these notes are on the guitar - to get a grasp of more than just the box - the CAGED system is wonderful for this (there are alternatives but this imho is simple) - google is a good start (or right here on the forums)
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^^This. Can also be moved to different strings.

Take the Cmaj scale starting on the low E string:


can be moved to the A string: