basically its my summer holiday and so i have loads more time to play guitar, i really need to learn a song thats going to a. keep me occupied for atleast a few days and b. improve me as a player. so any ideas? im not really a metal fan just so you know but ill have a look at anything
try tabbing out something man

thats what ive been doing

mainly the off genres that generally have very little tabs
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i know tears in heaven already, and yeh i sometimes tab stuff but normally only when i have to ahaha it does my head in and ive just finished notating my GCSE piece aha
Smoke on the Water.

I don't know anyone that can play the main riff.
Guitarists will look at you with envy.
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Nightrain by Guns N' Roses. The rhythm guitar is awesome. Izzy Stradlin' is very underrated.
Learn parts of Tocatta and Fugue in D minor by Bach if you want some insane shredding. I think some shredder's done a version of it so you could learn that
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learn the November Rain solos

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learn the whole Appetite For Destruction album

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but its all mainly slash aha there has to be other great guitar songs

Like I said, Izzy Stradlin' is the man. Learn the whole of Appetite, but learn Stradlin's part.
you said you'd look at anything,

white walls by between the buried and me

should keep you occupied for about 20 years
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pick out a muse song. then learn it. simple!
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living dead beat - children of bodom , the intro is absolutely amazing!!


It's also really fun to play
i'm not being a troll but muse is boring to play.

the only songs of theirs to me that is anywhere near as enjoyable to play by yourself are plug in baby and hysteria.

what i do when I'm bored is try and interpret top 40 type songs and play along...not just the guitar or whatever but vox too...

i'm trying out party in the usa atm...lol don't h8 i have fun with it.

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Smoke on the Water.

I don't know anyone that can play the main riff.
Guitarists will look at you with envy.

oh haha

everywhere over here that riff is pretty much a meme. I play the riff for like a bar or 2 in solos. pretty funny stuff seeings as everyone plays it.
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Ants of the Sky by BTBAM is the only realy answer. So many genres crammed into that song you'll be pretty solid once you're done.

Actually, just learn all of Colors. I did, and it did wonders for my playing.