Hi Everyone! I'm D., and it's my first post in this forum :P I'm also from Portugal, so excuse me for any spelling mistakes I may do.

I currently play an Ibanez SAS32Ex (white) through a Fender FM 212. I wanted to upgrade my amp, cause I can't stand it any more, and it just doesn't fit my playing style. I play mostly hard rock, and I need to buy a decent amp who can provide me that kind of tone and power, and also to provide enough sound to some gigs I play with my band (indoors and outdoors)
I only have about 500€ to spend, and I was looking into some head an cabinet sets, and one combo. Here's what I have in mind:
Half stacks:

Marshall MG100HFX + Marshall MG412

Laney LV300H + Laney LX412 Cab

Laney LX120R + Laney LX412 Cab

Peavey Supreme Transtube 100EFX H + Peavey Windsor 412

Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 Modeling Amp

So what do you guys advise?? I'm really confused with this :S