We are a band called Anthem for Tonight and we come from a small country called Slovenia.
We just recently recorded 2 songs and published one of them. The second one will come shortly after, we are just making some last changes to it.
Genre wise we are influenced by newer rock bands (such as Paramore etc.) but our main influence will always be System of a Down (although our music doesn't resemble their one bit).
You can listen to the song on facebook .

We want to hear your feedback, so any comments (positive&negative) are welcome.

edit: if you don't have facebook, you can listen to the song here .
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we just uploaded a new song called "#24" online!

you can listen to it on facebook.

guys we really want to hear your feedback, so any comment would be really appreciated !

again if you don't have fb, you can listen to it here.
The recording quality was fantastic, and sounded very professional. This kind of music isn't really my thing, though, so I i don't want to criticize the rest of too much. I will say that, in terms of song writing, you could be a little more creative. Don't make the vocal melody follow the guitar parts. Change it up a little bit.
Hey thanks for your comment!

I know what you mean about the vocals. :P

The vocalist that is singing now is only temporary, we're searching a new one and then with the new vocalist, new vocals will be written.
good stuff man. songs are really well done. the vocalists voice is a bit different to the usual in this genre, but the melodies are catchy
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Hi Mate

I congratulate for coming out a beautiful song for your nation Slovenia. I heard all of the songs in Facebook including #24 online. The beat , rhythm and lyrics are exquisite in nature and you did it very professionally. I hope you come up with many more like this and i wish you all the best.