Ok so I'm on the MAGIX website trying to make an order. I picked an item and it went to the shopping cart, I put in all my info for the registration and address parts, but when it gets to the payment method section it says that I have no products in my shopping cart, even though I just put one in... so I can't place the order.
Am I doing something wrong? Because it was working before...
Sites like that **** up all the time. Do it until you actually get the items in your cart. Then on your final bill when you're about to pay it'll say what you're buying. Worst case just call them and tell them what's going on, and then probably do the order for you on the phone.
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i cba to google and see what that site is

Why even post?

TC, sites like this have similar problems quite often. Worst comes to worst, call them.
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