Hi there,

I am going to The Acadamy of Music and Sound, in a months time, to study a music course. Anyway they sent me a list of stuff i need for the course.

On the list they said i need some Studio Quality headphones, and i basically dont have a clue what to buy!

i looked at some reviews and stuff, i basically want some cheap ones that are still decent enough to last the 2 year course.

I saw a pair on ebay going for £25, about $40, which were Sony MDR-V6 pro studio headphones. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out, do you know any that are good enough? Are these any good?

Thanks for any help!

I actually got to try these out before. I will never live that sound experience again.

Expensive as shit but master sound quality.
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Quote by noodles95
i know Grado and Sennheiser are two great brands for heaphones

Agreed. Something like Grado SR60s, Sennheiser HD280 Pro, AKG K-171 etc are what I'd call 'studio headphones' although if they're too expensive I'd go for one of the cheaper Sennheiser HDs.
ok thanks alot guys! There is a pair of Grado SR60's going quite cheap, so i might bid on them! Cheers again!
I seriously, SERIOUSLY suggest you look into AKG headphones. The Europeans make crazy-ass audio equipment and AKG's no exception. My brother's a recording engineer and he turned me onto them. I use them all the time for my recording, mixing, editing, mastering, etc. and there are very few headphones that can come anywhere close to beating them. The ones that DO beat them are oftentimes hundreds or even thousands of dollars more expensive.

In general though, you want to look for headphones with the widest frequency response range at high impedance. The *average* human ear can hear frequencies between 20Hz-20,000Hz, so any headphones that do not exceed this range aren't worth looking into whatsoever. The reason I say average is because many people can actually hear outside this range. Some people can hear as low as 15Hz. On the high end, my hearing doesn't diminish much until around 22,500Hz. It varies from person to person. You can get general-use studio headphones that will typically do 15(ish)Hz-24kHz, and they can cost a few hundred bucks. Then you can get your ridiculously expensive reference-class headphones like Stax or the Sennheiser HD800s which can reproduce frequencies anywhere between 5Hz-51,000Hz. These generally cost thousands, however.
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All the ones that have been mentioned are great, I'd also like to point out a company that hasn't been mentioned yet, Beyerdynamic. They, like the other manufacturers make great headphones. The DT770 is a great headphone (5 - 35,000hz) and is about 177 bucks on amazon.
They of course have a load of models, so look into them.
I really like AKG headphones too but the TS won't find a good pair for that sort of money unless he finds a junky that's just pulled a burg and is after a fix.
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