I'm going to be getting a new amp as soon as I can afford to. I've just been using a Crate GFX65 so far, its a 65 watt practice amp that can compete with my buddy's marshall half stack at the expense of screechiness.

I play metal and desire tone similar to what you hear from bands like Exodus, rich, thick and low-mid. I want a 100 watt, nothing bigger than a half-stack. My price limit's around $600 Canadian. Any suggestions?
100 watts? That is complete overkill unless you are playing large outdoor gigs without a PA. Also, you won't be able to get very far with that budget considering the alone only will cost you at least a few hundred.

I would suggest a small combo amp (which is all you need in today's music world). Enough volume for 95% of situations and when it isn't, mic it up.
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JCM 900 dual reverb will get an oldschool exodus tone.
For new exodus a 5150 would work.
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