Alright, so I've been having a gigantic monstrous craving to watch a real good rock movie.

I've seen:
That Thing You Do!
Detroit Rock City
Tenacious D (too many times than healthily possible)
School of Rock
Walk Hard
Pirate Radio

Is there any thing else along those lines that would be a good watch?
Flight 666
Wayne's World / 2
Metal: A Headbanger's Journey
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Rotten Playground
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In the mood for a documentary...?
Watch "Metal : A headbanger's journey" and "Global Metal"

As for movies, apart from what you've mentioned...
There's "The Rocker" (starring that guy in "The Office")...
and "Rockstar" (starring Mark Wahlberg)
Airheads (deserves double mention)

Rock Star? (edit: guy above me listed this one, oops!)
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The Rocker was a good movie

EDIT: nvm, someone already mentioned this
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this movie isn't for everybody, but it's a pretty good one so i'll throw it out there

and Rock Star is a great movie! Spinal Tap and Crossroads as well (not the Brittany Spears Crossroads, the Steve Vai one)
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