Hi and thanks in advance to anyone who replies to this thread.

After totally messing up the neck pocket route on my first attempt at a from-scratch body build, I decided to go with a finished Warmoth body and I just received it a couple of days ago.

Here's my question(s):

Does anyone know where to find post inserts that will fit in holes drilled for a .382" (9.70 mm) diameter insert? I can find the skinnier American Standard strat ones and the fatter Floyd Rose versions, but can't seem to find the inserts for Wilkinson / Gotoh anywhere.

Is there a "rule of the thumb" with regard to how deep the insert should be installed in the hole? Should the insert itself be installed flush to the body of the guitar or is slightly recessed OK? I have a pair of American Std. inserts that I've placed into the holes and though they don't fit snuggly, they sit slightly below the body.

I know I'll have more questions as I start putting the guitar together, and I know from previoius experience that this is a great place to go to get info, so thanks to anyone who replies.
I searched around for a while, came up empty handed. Usually you get the inserts included when you buy the trem. Floyds and Start inserts are so common you'll have no problem finding them, but I have no idea where to get the inserts you need.

I even tried to find a way for you to contact Wilkinson directly, but they have no site, no E-mail that I can find. So, good luck dude, I can't find anything.
I hit the same wall but thanks for trying. I do have three options that I'll pursue:

1. Fire up the drill press and enlarge the existing holes to support the larger diameter floyd rose compatible inserts that I have. I'll do a couple test bores first if I go this route.

2. Buy the lowest cost, decent Wilkinson trem I can find and use the ones that come with it.

3. Keep hunting on e-bay for someone selling parts yanked from a trashed Strat.

Thanks again...
I Just sanded out the pre-drilled holes using a pencil with sand paper and tape wrapped around it. The Floyd Rose sized inserts can now be tapped in....I am also planning on getting a dowel that I can use as a filler for when I install the inserts.

The factory two-point trem post holes from Warmoth are too deep for the inserts. I plan on installing the them so that their sides are flush with the guitar body. I'd also like for them not drop down below the body over time, if they take a hit now and then.

Any tips on installing these buggers would be highly appreciated--Thanks