So tomorrow I will be ordering a ISP decimator G string (noise gate). I currently have a POD XT that I run through a shitty Peavy head through the effects loop and I use the POD as a head since the head does not have any stock distortion on it. The head pretty much acts as a power amp just making it louder. My setup is, guitar>into the input of the pod>from the left output of the pod into the effects in on the head. This of course produces a ton of feedback when turned up (hince the noise gate). I know the pod has some to mess with but i want a seprate pedal. Now the question. Where do I put the ISP pedal in the setup. The ISP G string can run in the front and through the effects loop. I am so confused. Any help would be great. Thanks a million in advance.
Thanks for the replies. I have tried running the POD left output into the "input" on the head and I get no sound. This is why I have it through the effects loop. Any ideas?
Running a Pod into the FX return is probably the best approach. The Pod has a noise gate so I'm not sure why another is necessay.
The ISP Decimator G is made to be the very first thing you plug your guitar into.
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The ISP Decimator G is made to be the very first thing you plug your guitar into.

yes, but if he's talking about the model i think he is, it also has jacks to be looped.

do this:
*guitar>Decimator>POD>back into Decimator (although I agree with earlier comment that this is useless since the POD has a gate, whatev)>FX loop return.

and for the record, you're probably getting feedback because your settings on the POD are all F'd up, not because you're actually generating noise. tinker with it first, as it might save you from needing to buy another gate.