Are their any Jazz Bands out their with the typical "rock" formation, bassist, drummer and guitarist or 2, maybe even a vocalist that are good?
I'm not sure if you're looking for jazz rock or just a jazz trio... the guitar, bass and drums formation is seen everywhere in jazz.

As far as actual jazz rock bands go, there's a japanese band called Bazra that make amazing high-energy jazz-punk sort of, but their music is hard to get a hold of in the west and most of their videos were taken down from youtube.

Pain of Salvation used to find a really cool blend between jazz and rock, but moreso on their earlier albums than they do now.
Jim Hall has some great trio recordings, but if you want rock, look at Return to Forever (starting at the album "Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy" its drums-bass-guitar-keys) and while they're a little unorthodox, you should look at a band called Naked City. You'd like a few tracks from their eponymous debut album.

I love that word... eponymous. So fun to type cause it has the word "pony" in it.
check out the reign of kindo.....they have a really good vocalist and they play jazz
Return To Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra are what your are looking for. Pick up 'Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy,' 'Where Have I Known You Before,' and 'Light As A Feather' by Return To Forever and 'Inner Mounting Flame' and 'Birds of Fire' by Mahavishnu Orchestra
Might wanna take a look at "Take-On", japanese jazz/rock band as well
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Pat Metheny Trio? Guitar, drums, bass.
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Stanton Moore, the drummer from Galactic, has a jazz funk trio project. If you're interested in jazz prog/metal, Ohm: and Morglbl are two awesome trios.