Hey guys, I wrote and recorded this one in about an hour today ( will probably be quite apparent ). I normally play blues rock type stuff, but I went for a shoegaze/grundge kind of thing today. Basically I just tried to make a lot of noise, it's very messy, but was kind of intented to be like that. Like I say, it's not my usual kind of stuff but it was good fun experimenting.

It would be great to hear your opinions, if you have the time.

Take it cheesy fella's.

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I think you got the sound you were going for. Solo fits the whole noisy vibe very well. I thought the whole song up till the solo was a bit repetitive and boring. Maybe starting to solo earlier or adding some vocals would help with that. It's not really my cup of tea, but good job!
Thanks man, it's not really my usuall brand of tea either haha. But it was good fun experimenting and I was pretty pleased with the outcome. Yeah I think vocals would liven it up a good bit, also a proper bass instead of just my guitar, and proper drums instead of a drum mchine. But yeah, thanks for taking the time to comment and I appreciate your input.