whenever i play with my xbox controller only two of my playing fingers are moving and the other two are still and it causes my other 2 to loose strength and i keep having to keep re gaining that strength. this has been going on forever and im tired of it. any suggestions?
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Quote by btones
Play games for a few rounds/minutes, play guitar for longer, rinse repeat.

do you have the same problem as me. do you do that?
I don't know if anyone told you, but your xbox controller wasn't created to keep your fingers strengthened.
Your first line of action would be to partake in an activity that did, if you actually wanted to keep your fingers as flexible as can be.

But I don't think there is any way to get a full workout on a controller and still enjoy the game to its fullest extent.

Sorry, man.
Quote by H3r_piNk_TaCo
do you have the same problem as me. do you do that?

No, but logic stands that you may be playing games too much. So, take a damn break once in a while.
...Xbox is for gaming, not improving strength and dexterity. If you want your fingers to become more flexible and strong then actually do something with them...i.e. play the guitar.
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AHHHHHHHHHH. but i played guitar already for 2 hours today. and im afraif if i play my xbox it will loose strength. i WANT TO PWN N00bS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!