I know 10 string guitars exist, but is there one that's tuned EADGEADGBE (lower 4 being tuned to the bass octave)? I had the thought when I was thinking about doing acoustic stuff with my friend and being able to switch from playing bass lines to guitar stuff easily, since I play both.
Well I'm sure they make double necked guitars, one neck as a bass, the other as a 6 string guitar. But maybe I'm wrong.
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look up warr guitars, thats pretty much what they are. not sure if they do acoustics though
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It's not anything that I've heard of before. The closest to being able to play something close to bass and guitar would fall in the vein of a baritone guitar. Jerry Jones makes one that is tuned down to B; it has an extended scale. But even then you're not quite getting down to bass octave.

Perhaps looking into something like a chapman stick. I believe they go from bass octave all the way up to something close to guitar. Although its an entirely different beast than playing a guitar or bass, since its played entirely by hammer-on/tapping.
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the closest thing that comes to that. that i know of is narciso yepes guitar.

it was a 10 string classical guitar built as a custom for him.
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