I'm looking to buy my first ever Strat and I've been looking at the Highway One model (USA) and the Classic Player '50s (Mexico). I will mainly be using it for playing blues and standard rock. Someone I know is looking to sell the Highway one is for £330 with a hard case. The guitar is in ok condition it has a few set up issues like the high E string comes off the fretboard to easily and there are a couple of dead notes (It's the 2003 model by the way) The Classic Player 50's is for sale new at £460 at the moment.

I haven't had a chance to actually play either of them yet, but in advance your opinions would be valued! Which one would you go for and which one should I? Thanks
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ehhh i'm not sure about the highway one because of its problems... i would get the Classic Player 50s but hey thats just me, if i were you i would check out both guitars and see what feels and sounds best to your ears