Just getting some input as to what strings you guys like AND WHY. Please don't name a brand just because they are cheap and all you can afford. Let us know why you like the strings you use. I have tried several and have noticed slight differences in them. I am using the GHS David Gilmour Blues (So far they are hard to beat) on most and GHS Boomers on the others. I am looking for any input for the GHS Low Boomers. Anyone tried these yet?

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I've strictly used Ernie Balls for the past two years. To me, they seem to last the longest. I've tried GHS and i just felt that they lost their brightness too quickly.
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I've been using Ernie Balls for the last 2 years. When I first started playing, I tried every type of strings that the music shop carried, and the Ernie Balls were the only ones that really stood out to me. They last a good length of time. Can take a lot of abuse. Sound great throughout the entire life of the strings.
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i love using DR. tite fits. their tone is great and if you follow the instructions printed on the inside of the box they will last you a long time.oh, and they bend pretty well too.
Ernie Balls on my electrics. Always have for the past 15+ years. They're reliable and sound bright for quite a while longer than others I've tried. I have bought others over the years - usually ones on sale to use in emergencies if I break a string at a gig (so I have a stock pile of crappy strings in a box).
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I used to use Earthwood's on my acoustics but since moving to Australia I find them harder to come by so I'm searching for something else...
I used to use tight fits but i wanted to ease up on my pick attack and dig less so now i string my guitars with dunlop 10-46. Cept my guitars with necks that have broke which have 9-46
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