Cool stuff man. Really like what you got with those two. I would have liked to hear some lead work in there, but the riffage was very good. Also, the tone was cool, but seemed to have a bit of fuzziness in it. However, part of me actually liked it, while part of me thinks it may have sounded better without the fizziness.

Only two things I can think of. Good stuff man, good stuff.
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I really liked the second one the most. Both of them had awesome riffs and flowed pretty well. In the first one my favorite part started at 1:48 with the real fuzzy guitar and bass before everything kicked back in, awesome touch! I also really dig the bass tone, I haven't had much luck getting programmed bass to sound good in any of my stuff! Both these tracks are kick ass. Keep up the great work!
Incredible song! I thought the fuzzy distortion worked great with it. Added and sub'd!
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Thanks for the feedback guys

To sjones, yeah the guitar fuzziness is a big problem when recording straight from the line-out of my amp. Personally i think my tone could be a lot better and i'd change it if i could but that's just how it is.

And to Odirunn, if you're interested in using it, the bass that i use in Reason is an NN-XT sampler patch called P DistPick, with a bit of EQ-ing and reverb
Critting as I listen... very awesome riffs and quite decent guitar tone. All notes are very clear and some of this is catchy as hell.

The drums seem a little "soft" in the mix, same with the bass. Very high quality songs in my opinion... they work very well as instrumentals
Wooop, great stuff here man, nice writing, i really like the riffs. Good changes throughout, never gets boring, awesome overall. The tone is pretty good considering its a line out tone, im guessing u did some post processing to get it to sound that great or have a really good sound card haha. Just a couple of notes: why aren't there any solos? also, man the crashes are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too loud lol compared with the kick which is very quiet. Try warming up the bass with some distortion and increasing its volume or giving it some eq boost around 400hz ish. Enjoyed both the songs very much though
thx for the crit.

So that was just about awesome. You have so many riffs, and so many variations on each riff i couldn't tell when or if their order ever repeated. The way you transition in out of riffs is really nice to. Playing with the dynamics and the panning really helps ease the transitions and makes them incredibly fluid. And the guitar tone... is amazing, do you use any other effects or is it just from your amp?

My complaints are few and petty. Having a real bass recorded would be nice, but the one you programmed did have amazing quality. The bass drum didn't seem to have enough attack, you should consider raising the high eq's a tad. The fade at the end of the song was kind of disappointing, i felt there were a lot of other cool ways you could have ended rather than just a fade

All in all that was awesome, 9/10. if you're in a band i don't know why your not famous yet. (unless you are... :O ) btw i started listening to some of your other songs, and they are ****ing epic too.