i never used to play this thing when i was little, i just liked to color and bang on it. i found it in my closet like a month ago and its cool to take with me camping and stuff like that i guess, but it never stays in tune. as i play it the lil tuning heads twist to relieve the tension.
is there anything i can do so that ittl hold its tune better?
new tuners
and nut
but really not much can be done as its 12 years old and 30 something dollars
you could get a good used yamaha which are actually pretty good
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Ok, strings maybe but i dont want to spend any actual money on this thing. could i just like super glue the gears on the back of the headstock or somthin?
Since " lil tuning heads twist to relieve the tension", new strings won't solve the problem, although it probably needs them too. Look and see if there is a screw at the end of the tuning head, and if so, tighten it a little bit to increase the friction. That's kind of a guess but the best I can do without seeing it.