HI! m planning to get the rothwell overdrive pedals.

I have few basic questions:

1. Whether Hellbender is capable of high gain levels of Heartbreaker?

2. Which is better at low gains?

3. Does Heartbreaker has all sounds of Hellbender???

well... anybody has any of these, help me!
I had a hellbender for an entire month. For what its worth, I wasn't really impressed with it. Granted I was trying out 6 ods at the time, but to me it sounds very bland. Reminds me of a cross between a fuzz and a boss bd-2 if that makes any sense. not a whole lot of bass on the pedal, but definitely has a midrange honk to it. It is not a very 'high gain' pedal though, at least not imo. For a low gain boost pedal, it is decent though. Just wasn't my cup o' tea. This is just one man's opinion of course, but maybe that helps you some?
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Thanks man for the reply.. i was going for the heartbreaker yesterday finally.. its gotta lotta range than the hellbender i suppose.. if you know, how does the fulltone ocd compare with these? people at harmony central say they hv thrown all their pedals for rothwell..
and also would someone recommend an exellent overdrive pedals compared to rothwell.. ofcourse dont say 'klon'. its beyond my budget..

thanks in advance