Well anyone a fan of the genre? been listening to some bands of it recently and is alright.

Or as i like to call it trianglecore , might be a bit hipsterish but oh well,

examples: salem, white ring, oOoOO, modern witch, lake r▲dio, balam acab,▲,tearist,

one of those genres that seem like the rules for the aesthetic govern the music and the music suffers for it.
Try White Ring!
Rag Mop Do Do Duh DoDo Dedo Do!!!!!


perhaps i jumped too quickly. i stumbled across a tune or two from Balam Acab, and they were pretty solid.

weird that Sleep ∞ Over appear to be lumped in here because they don't really sound much like any of the other few bands that i have heard. and especially strange because they put out a split with Pure Ecstacy who also don't seem to be affiliated with this movement.

also, Salem. awful.
witch house imho is NOTHING compared to chillwave and every band that i heard that was in the 'witch house' genre sucked.
Idiotic at best. At least Chillwave had some good stuff
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