hey witch cable should i get i got 20-30 bucks to spend on one
let me know if you need more info
Pretty much anything is fine... For me, some tried and true cable brands are peavey, klotz, planet waves, vox, ibanez, ect. there's a world to choose from out there. Just don't get one with all sorts of neat features such as magnet clip-on, it's pretty useless.
check out the GFS cablets, they're pretty nice. or just plain ol guitar center cables, cause if they break, they replace it.
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tanks guys what about fender?
i think just the name is attracting me
Get Monster Rock cables, I only use monster cables in my rig and there's a reason for that.
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Check out the Dimarzio cables. I got one and have had no issues whatsoever and I'm pretty sure they have a lifetime warranty as well.
I've been using Live Wire cables for almost 3 years, and I have most of my original cables that I bought 3 years ago, and out of the 10+ cables I own, only one of them has died on me, and I step on them/abuse them pretty regularly, so they work for me, especially because they're a lot cheaper than the more popular cables.
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I use a fender cable that came with my strat most of the time. Of course, I never actually use my strat anymore nor is my amp even remotely related to fender... I've been asked about it a handful of times and truthfully I just use it because it's there. You can hear when a cable is crappy or shorting out, but for the most part, most instrument cables are exactly the same.

I would avoid monster cables, they are far overpriced and I've noticed a bunch of them that I have tried sound muffled. As well, some things they advertise about their cables are just silly.. for example their waxing poetic about gold plated tips. The added conductivity doesn't really matter because the gold doesn't stretch the length of the cable, and most of the time its simply plated, and can be scratched off with long wear to reveal nickel tips.
Dimarzio instrument cable..

best cables I've owned so far... switchcraft cable ends,metal and nylon braiding around makes it virtually impossible to destroy
I’m quite happy with my Livewire cables, the cheap Guitar Center store brand. When a guitar strap popped off and the guitar landed on the plug and trashed it the guys at GC wouldn’t even sell me a replacement plug to solder on—they replaced the entire cable even though it was perfectly good until it got compressed between eight pounds of mahogany and an oak floor. The shielding on these cables is crazy thick, which is useful because my amp sits between a couple computers, five speakers, and a lot of related equipment. They also come in a couple colors, which made it easy for me to color code stuff in front of the amp and stuff in the effects loop.
Quote by conor-figgy
planet waves have lifetime warrenty

I've begun using Planet Waves Classic Series and they are solid cables with good transparency. They are also very pliable, so it makes winding them easy.
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