Someone contacted me interested in my Crate BV412 cabinet.

He is offering a KMD 412BJS cabinet which has original Celestion G12's in it. He wants to trade it for my Crate and $115.

Now from what I've read, G12s are at least $150 a pop, with my Crate cab being worth about $250 total.

I know it seems like an obvious steal for me, but has anyone actually heard of these cabinets. All I know is that Bon Jovi used them in the 80s..
hmm i havent heard of it. what you should do is go and ahve a listen and see if you like it. Than ask him to open the ( if it is closed back ) to see if he wasn't lying about the speakers.

I think you are getting a great deal if what he is saying is right.
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