Just an intro track, but hopefully it'll have you interested in our other stuff (though about 98% of our stuff isn't Djent).


I also did a little vocal remix of the song that people who use Mixcraft might find slightly funny (or it could be just me that does).
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the idea was pretty nice !! i recommend you make two rhythm tracks left and right, with less bass and treble on the guitars and a little more mids.
Not bad, not really djent tho! If you're trying to get a djent sound you need to boost your mids and compress a lot harder. Also, gotta tighten up. I'd also make a separate track for your kick drum so you can eq/compress it to not sound like cardboard. Unfortunately Mixcraft doesn't let you output different midi channels from VSTi's so you have to load up two kits. Overall I really like it tho, once it gets tightened up and the drums mixed I think it'll be totally killer!

I've got a similar somewhat djenty song up at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1353256 if you wouldn't mind taking a listening and leaving some feedback. Thanks!
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