New Mixtest guys, possibly going to be the mix for the EP, and Ideas for a new song with some ambience at the end. Let me know what you think.

Guitars: Ibanez RG7621 -> TS Secret Tube Screamer plugin -> TSE X30 Engl e530 Plugin->
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Bass: Pod X3 Bass crap

Drums: Superior 2.0 Avatar Studios Set.

It kinda has Rush/DT resonance in the opening chord passage. I felt that the lick after that was kinda, I dunno, just there as filler? you have skills tho. keep plugging away...
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haha nah Right now this stuff is just some ideas. No Fillers, the noted areas would be closer to a verse but I'm just reworking all of my mix to get it to THAT sound! Thanks for the kind words, and as always I welcome constructive critcism!
Over all I think it's a pretty sound mix, however the guitars get pretty muddy at times. The open chords sound fantastic, but the chugging is a bit too messy imo. That's the only criticism that comes to mind. The ambient part was great! Great song overall.

What snare is that, and are you using the s2.0 effects on it, or eq'ing, etc it in your DAW?
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Yeah I hate that muddiness! Some of that messiness is from nonserious tracking I just threw the riffs together and played em to get a quick sound. The snare is GMS Niz-Z. No S2.0 fx on it I only use the fruity compressor in FL9 and the BBE Maximizer plug-in.