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Overall it wasn't bad, the only major problem, which is mentioned above, is that the guitars are constantly getting out of time with each other and the drums. Both solos had some questionable note selection but that's a pretty subjective thing. Good work!
Cymbals are way too loud in the mix, kind of hurts when they go full blast. Leads have a couple of notes that make me cringe, might be some off-pitch bending (the outro is especially grating for me). Love the part that starts at 1:22, I think the "lead" there has the wrong character though. I also think that some harmonized melody lines would work.

Overall it's a decent tune but you both need to sharpen your chops and ideas for the leads.
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thanks for the feedback. Ive been playing guitar for a year and a half. This is my first time putting leads over a song like this.. i wrote the whole thing.