I was browsing my nearest Guitar Center yesterday when i saw this in the used section...

(thats a picture i found online after, not the actual guitar)

Its a Dillion Model DS–100T/EAE. Has all Wilkinson parts, feels good to me, sounds decent through the amp i demo'd at GC, and is a beautiful guitar.

My only problem with it was that it wasn't holding tuning very well. I knew nothing about the guitar and wasn't going to shell out $350 for it with no background. I think all it would need to fix the tuning issue is to get it set up/ install locking tuners or a locking nut. The guitar lists for $999.

What do you guys think? Worth it? I'm looking for a new guitar anyway, and I want to get one with a trem system.
Is that the actual guitar, gcs used section is outside now,
I would play the shit out of it make sure thers nothing else wrong, 350 for a list 999 guitar at guitar center dosnt sound right to me, my local gc rapes u on used gear.
And nvm the start of my post i just seen its not the actual guitar.
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