I need some serious help with being able to play songs on the guitar by ear!

I've been at it since like February and the only songs that I've been able to play completely by ear with only a few mistakes are Black Magic by Slayer and One Way Ticket and I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness, and a good amount of Judas Priest songs off the British Steel album! Ugh

My goal is to one day be able to figure out Alison Hell by Annihilator and Entrance of the Conflagration by Trivium by ear but at this rate it'll take forever!

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions they could give me? Please help a fellow guitarist out!

Thank you sooo much to those who help!
Download this free program called Wavepad. Much better than Audacity. You can change the speed of songs and its very easy to hear the notes.

I'm still a noob when it comes to learning by ear but Wavepad allowed me to get alot of End Of The Line - Overkill done.
Try learning the notes and their general feel/ sound before you even listen, you will recognise them at twice the rate as before.

Also learn intervals, like what a whole step sounds like or what a 6th sounds like played after the root etc

Do you get what I mean? Like concentrate on the music before the song kinda???
Quote by CFHPantera
I need some serious help with being able to play songs on the guitar by ear!
If your goal is only to learn the song, then slow it down till you can follow it.

If your goal is to develop your ear in general. Google for ear training exercises.
the only way to figure out certain shred songs IS in fact to slow them down with slow down software!!

riffmaster pro has a free 10 day trial...

i use slow down software all the time in lessons and at home...but the main thing is to start small! your ears will start picking up patterns automatically with practice, so keep at it! keep a book of songs you have figured out by ear and their tabs for encouragement!

good luck!
In my personal experience I believe that the trick to getting songs by ear is being good in harmony and mastering a lot of chord progressions. When you can identify the tonal cente and which degree is which you then can find one of the notes and start from there. What I usually do is recognize a progression and find one of the notes by trial and error with the guitar (with the exception of the notes my ear already recognizes as them , I dont have perfect pitch so I cant get them immediately). After this I build the chord progression and analize it. I find out the tonality and then I move on to scales to find out the melody. This is a long way but as you get better you can do it quicker.

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