Hey guys, this is my first song that I have finished, still needs work and a title.

It's very up tempo


The clock keeps ticking
But time doesnt seem to pass
So how could this have happend?
It was just you and m
My mind is glitchin'
But I'm far from down and out
My will; will live on
In your dreams and fatasies


We're all alone
We are all in the dark
We only have eachother now
So lets make it last


The day keeps moving
But I'm way past it all
So where do we go from here?
It's so quiet here with you
My head is aching
But I'm not one to complain
We're sure to go on
In your dreams and fantasies

(Chorus Bash)

Then end
Thanks guys
Its kind of generic (The whole you and me love thing)

But since its your first song I wouldnt worry about it, but I also wouldnt say its finished (as you explained.) You will keep re-reading it and start to point out parts that can easily be changed to better the song. Its only natural that this happens.
some typo's...
It's pretty good for a first song
At some place I think the flow of your piece is not good, like in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th line of the second verse, but I guess you'll figure that out as your play the song.