What Should I buy??
I mainly play Early Punk, Grunge, Rock, Hardcore, Alternative, Instrumental etc.
Sounds like the Dual Terror is what you want. Or used Rocker 30.
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By high-gain I don't mean stupid stuff. I just mean styles like Motley Crue or Iron Maiden
both are really kickass amps but you will get a little more gain versatility with the dual terror without pedals. Otherwise its just which ever sounds better each is great! weigh the pros of the one channel vs. the 2 and then the gain voicing and take a pedal and run it through each of em and see what you like! you cant go wrong with either
This is a G chord....i used to be in a cranberries tribute band.
The orange dual terror is probably better for what you play, but try out the AC30, im sure it wont disappoint!
Dual terror sounds better for you if you're playing heavier stuff
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I gotta' decent here, but just to ward off any flamers, I admit I am an AC30 fan boi

Let it supprise you! it's known for amazing cleans, but it breaks up nicely. it's one of the most classic amps EVER! and if you ever feel like an upgrade, you just toss a couple blue backs in it for AMAZING sound.

not to take anything away from the DT, it's cool too, and does have more gain on tap, but that doesn't neccessarily translate to better tone.

My vote goes to the AC30 (and if you're looking at one of the handwired models with blue backs already, then OH HELL YEAH, AC30 all the friggin way!).
Well, thanks to all, but i'm not still shure, i was also thinking about the dual terror but i also play alot of U2 & The Jam & Stuff & i think they use the vox ac30, but i also have some pedals, ( Small CLone, Boss Md-2, and a ibanez wah) does the vox ac 30 has effects loop?
Well IIRC the tiny terror channel on the DT has less gain on tap, so you could do some lighter stuff with it.