Ok, I'm really not sure what to go with here. My friend is willing to sell me his marshall mg 15 watt for 16 bucks. It's small, is quieter than my current amp, but I know it's renowned for being a pile of shit and I'm not too excited about it myself. Although it does have a headphone jack too, and cd in...
My current amp is a Peavy Bandit 112. It's a 100 watt solid state and it's hard to make it super quiet, but man can it pump bass and volume when I need it to, and honestly, it sounds pretty good to me for a 16 year old solid state amp.

Basically, is this worth it?

Because I also have amplitube 3 and a boss micro br. I could just use those to play quietly through headphones.
For 16 bucks you can't go wrong. If the Bandit has a headphone out I'd probably use that instead, but for $16 get that hunk o shit and keep it for a spare.
For $16 you could buy it, then sell it for whatever the closest music store will give you for it.
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I can't believe I'm saying this, but buy the MG...
or this...
or anything similar.
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Dude 16 bucks for an amp and you need to even ask if you should buy it? Whats the worse thing that happens? You can use it to chain some shit together to get some crazy ass experimental sounds. It's a useful tool and for literally less then what you would pay going out to the movies with your friends, it's absolutely worth it. Just buy it and then figure out what you want to bring to college when you have more time to **** around with it at home.
You think selling it is a good idea? Hmm...
I'm just not sure than any music store worth their own shit is going to give me more than the amount I paid for the amp in the first place.

Other than the cube, are there any better options for a compromise between tone and volume?

I'm mainly still looking to be convinced of taking it or leaving it, regardless of what I do afterwards.

EDIT: that's a good point Alaub.
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Also if you are actually looking to purchase a brand new amp, the smallest of the Vox Valvetronix series is perfect for a dorm room. I had it in my dorm room, no one complained, and the amp simulation is awesome, as is the tone.
Buy it, use it to get the 10% discount on your next amp at GC. Done.
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Well the real question here is what you want to do with your guitar stuff while at college?

If you're intending to make/join a band, you'll want to bring your big amp along. If you want a smaller amp, I'd at least try the MG (as noted above, it is only $16, so there's no real loss incurred). There's also the possibility of investing in a multi-effects unit with a pre-amp. You can just stick your headphones into that.
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Yeah, I guess sixteen bucks is worth it... I'll at least give it a shot. It can't hurt me in the long run, like you guys are all saying.
if we're talking about jammin in a dorm room, wtf do you need to sound good for? i'd say go for the quiet and cheap MG, but if you can also use your software you mentioned, then that IS your practice amp!

if you plan on joining a band in the near future (as in this semester), I'm with Al.
Just use your Amplitube.

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You haven't answered the most important question - What do you plan to be doing with it?
If you just want to practice quietly with headphones it's cheaper than an Amplug even so just grab it. $16 is less than you'd pay for a restaurant meal so what have you got to lose? If you are the only one going to be listening to it it doesn't have to sound great does it?
If you want something to jam with take your Bandit.
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Can you just play the Bandit’s speaker emulated direct output through a set of PC speakers in the dorm room?
Get a Pocket POD. Or for $16 it's hard to beat that MG.
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