http://www.myspace.com/spencermackenziepa - as you can see i have like no friends. i'm just starting out and it'd be awesome if i could get some comments or feedback from you guys. it'd really mean a lot and i'd greatly appreciate any and all criticism. thanks in advance, and i'll gladly return the favor.

i'll post here with shows and new songs if this goes anywhere.
Sounds good man, it has a very idk the bands name right now but its a very familiar sound to it, I like it. I only have one issue with it, You have great playing but if you listen to the songs through out it gets kind of boring, theres not enough variation, your voice is perfect for this type of music but at times the songs almost feel like one really long song. Just try and mix it up a little becuase the way your singing is perfect for this music and the music itself is good it just needs some variation something to set each songs apart.

But overall its not bad its actually really good

and it'd be super if you could check mine out
please comment
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thanks! i'll definitely keep that in mind as i write new music. i really appreciate the comment and i will check your own music out asap. might you have been thinking about maybe the smiths? they're one of my biggest influences.
Hey dude thanks for the comment! The first song I listened to was Evelyn, one thing I think needs fixing is that the guitar in the intro is very quiet and when your voice comes in it gets really loud because I turned the speaker up to compensate for the quiet guitar. I think you should just make the guitar in the beginning louder but lower the volume back to normal when your voice comes in. I thought that when you went from calm to screaming with your voice was pretty cool and it caught me off guard, it adds emphasis to that part of the song.

In "Lets scare Jessica to Death!" at 0:53 you should add in a second guitar or at least another instrument (bass,piano,etc) to really spice up the song and to keep the listener interested, it would be a lot better than just a straight chord progression for 4 bars. If you're only going to be using 1 guitar then disregard that last comment =D.

Overall I thought it was very relaxing music and it has great potential.
thanks! the thing is that the guy i recorded with never got back to me about remastering and remixing some sections of the tracks, so evelyn is really quiet in the beginning, and it bugs me too. and for jessica, i'm gonna add more to it when i rerecord the stuff at a different studio. these were pretty much just demos to see where i could take myself. thanks again for the critique, i'm aiming it to be a mix between calm and intense music, and i'm hoping i can work with the advice i'm getting.
i'll be getting a myspace layout made soon and i'm recording some new tracks, figured i'd use the update to get some more criticism and comments.
Awesome stuff, man. I love Evelyn most, and would really love to hear a full-band version of it someday. Let me know when you have more recordings!
Hey man, I'm pretty critical when it comes to music, but I think you could have a nice voice, but it sounds almost like your pushing it alittle to hard, instead of just letting it come natural. Maybe it's just me. Idunno, but thats my opinion on the matter