Hello folks! I have a Yamaha APX500 and I would like to mount a Gibson 490T pickup in the soundhole to play Dominican bachata music. I'm not sure if many people on this board are familiar with this type of music or the unique guitar sound associated with it, but this is the overwhelmingly popular configuration used to create that sound. I will have no problem mounting the pickup in the soundhole...I was simply wondering if there was any way to wire the new pick up to the existing volume and EQ controls, and the existing output jack. I would like to remove the factory installed piezo pickup (or at least bypass it somehow to utilize the controls). Would this be at all possible, and if so, how could I find out how to do it? Thanks so much!
I am not sure if it is possible to use the piezo preamp, since it's designed for a piezo pickup. Maybe it's better to just go with a standard electric guitar wiring schematics and then just use an eq pedal?