I've done a search on this, but many of the suggestions include stomp pedals which sit in your signal chain. I don't play live, this pedal is just for tuning up at home, and I don't care about speed of tuning or fancy things like the polytune system.

I've been looking at the Boss Tu-12, and would be willing to spend around that level, but preferably less, for good accuracy.

To sum up:

Doesn't have to go in pedal chain, can be stand-alone
Needs to have good accuracy (but not uber-accurate like the Sonic Research one)
I'd like to be able to use it for tuning acoustics as well
I'd like to be able to use it to help set intonation
Around the same price (or less) than a Tu-12 (so around £60-£70 or less)


edit: sorry, meant to say Tu-12 not Tu-2 above
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and that's it. done buying stuff. probably.
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Boss's chromatic tuner is a great choice. I've had mine for about 6 years and it's perfect. You can't go wrong.

i agree, mine works great.
Do you on plan on gigging anytime soon? If so I'd grab the boss otherwise you can get a cheaper one for like $20 USD
i like the polytune better than the boss, and its the same price. although both are good choices
Why not the Sonic Research? Its by far the best pedal tuner out there IMO, and you'll be surprised how much better you sound when you're properly in tune.
If you really dont want it, the Polytune is better than the Boss.
why not a simple Boss TU-80 then? That's what I use and it does the job =)
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Quote by backtothe70s
why not a simple Boss TU-80 then? That's what I use and it does the job =)

Yeah I was going to ask about the cheaper tuners as well.

Are they good enough? Can you do intonation with them?

I'll definitely not be gigging. I just play at home, so I don't need any fancy tricks.

Up till now I've been using pitch-pipes and the on-board tuner on my Cube20x, so you can see I'm not super fussy. I just want something that'll do intonation and will let me tune-up easily before practicing. I really don't want anything in the signal chain as I don't have a power supply and it will just eat batteries.

Also, I'm not sure I can tell the difference between 1 cent accuracy or 0.2 cents, or whatever.
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and that's it. done buying stuff. probably.
I have the polytune, and its good. It can tune singular strings very well imo. BUT the polytune feature actually lacks!! seriously, when I play each string by themselves, their in tune (when they are in tune I mean) and then I play them all, and some (often low E, usually maby 2-4) strings show slightly sharp or flat. So the polytune feature I dont think is accurate. I was fooled! but the regular tuning works fine so Im cool with the pedal...
What about the Boss Tu-88?

£20 cheaper than the Tu-12EX I was looking at, and has a micro-amp which you can plug headphones into, perfect for practicing w/o an amp. And is has a (crap-sounding) metronome.

Plus, it says +/- 1 cent tuning accuracy, which is the same as all the other Boss Tuning machines.

Anyone have one of these? Looks pretty good.
Ibanez AF105VB
Ibanez RG2550Z
MIM '92 Fender Strat
Peavey Triumph 60
and that's it. done buying stuff. probably.
What about ones for Acoustics?

Clip ons or what not?
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I've got the Korg Pitchblack and really like it. I picked it after a fair bit of research. The True Bypass was a key thing for me.

Also, for cheap, and versatility, the clip on tuners are just fine. Sometimes I throw that in the case if I don't want or need to drag a whole pedal board where I'm going.
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I have a Polytune. Love it. Very fast response and quite accurate. I can most definitely hear the difference in 1 cent off, especially when playing chords and such. The Polytune function itself isn't perfect, but you learn to compensate and it does the job well enough.
Most behringer pedals totally suck, but the tu300 is a great tuner and its much less expensive than the boss
Just an inexpensive Koss, Korg, Boss, or whomever chromatic tuner will do you fine.

I just recently picked up a Polytune because I have gigs on the horizon and wanted to be able to tune up on stage quickly and quietly without unplugging anything. It's fantastic but it certainly doesn't have microphone so if you want to tune acoustics you'll have to look elsewhere.

In summary something like this will do you fine: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Korg-CA1-Chromatic-Tuner?sku=502061
I'd get the T.C. Electronics Polytune. It's just a better pedal for the money, and if you're gigging, the polytune feature is REALLY helpful. It's nice being able to just strum once and figure out if anything's out of tune between songs, as opposed to checking each string one at a time.
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Korg pickblack all the way. After posting this same question an getting answers my girlfriend bought me a pitch-black. It's amazing o would never use anything else(for my board that is)

Also the clip ons work well
I recommend the boss chromatic, tho I have some problems when it comes to acoustics, and I've used three before(not all my own) it seems like it must be dead quite to work well. Otherwise it's pretty good