I have a Road Worn 50s Strat and the high E string is VERY close to the edge of the neck, like, 1mm away, you push it down and it goes under the neck sometimes. All the strings are evenly spaced, but yeah... I don't know how else to explain it so I have pictures.

Would a new nut fix it, or will it require more work than that?

PS - Sorry for the large, blurry, dark photos, I only have my phone camera.
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Could you maybe post a picture of your bridge?
The angle on the nut looks okay, but obviously its getting pulled out. At the first fret it seems inline, but you can see it slowly drift out off towards the edge of the fretboard.
Maybe your bridge set-up is causing it.
Yeah, here's some more pictures to check out.
It's okay at the first, starts to go out after that.

I know on my Strat the strings don't exactly go over the pickups but your high E is really off.

The bridge looks okay...

I honestly don't know what to tell you.

Maybe it is something wrong with the neck.

I would just take it into a shop. I don't see it being expensive to fix it. IMO it either needs a new nut, truss rod adjustment, or bridge adjustment. All three don't take long to do.
If anything, you can just ask for it to be re-set up while your there too and get it playing great - although I bet it already does. (Sweet guitar).
Yeah, I might do that. Hopefully the shop doesn't charge too much for it, the main shop in my town are the biggest rip-off merchants ever. And thanks Apart from that, it's an amazing guitar, looks, feels and sounds great.
i would swap the nut. that'll make it more playable.

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