Hey good peoples.

I'm looking to buy a Pedaltrain Pro, either Softcase or Hardcase version. I'm willing to pay in just cash or in gear! I have the following for sale:

Diago Showman Pedalboard (To small, hence the upgrade to PT Pro)
OD-20, Boxed/Manual, perfect condition
MT-2, Rubber around the pedal mech has gone but works fine. Boxed/Manual
CE-3, MIT 1988, Battered unboxed but works great
TC Electronic NDY-1 Nova Dynamics I still have all the stuff box/adaptor/papers and such however... The button on the far right seems to be stuck. It still works but just doesnt press down like the others.

So yeah. If you'd prefer cash thats cool too, but if you see something you'd like then maybe we can discuss an all gear offer or a Cash + Gear offer.

I can only take this via delivery and I'm in the Walsall area so if you're local great, but if you can drive a distance to get here maybe we can sort out a deal.