Ok, so I'm pretty good at writing decent black metal riffs, though I feel I'm stuck in my ways with using the same time signatures, powerchords, tritones etc.

Could anyone suggest some scales I could use to write melodies around chord progressions, chord inversions or anything to freshen up my approach to writing a riff?

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Any scale can sound black metal.

Here are things to get you thinking differently;

-Listen to death metal and get some influence from that, for example, Negative plane.
-Incorporate other genres traits that don't necessarily make people think "that's metal".
-Get a synth, and learn how to use it.
-Complex drum programming, rather than blastbeats etc.
-Use tri-tones in more inconspicuous ways, for example, use the tri-tone of the root in other chords in the progression instead of just using it over the root of what you're playing over.

And if you’re stuck using the same methods of writing, don't use them.

And don't forget to listen and analyse black metal, however hard it may be to actually hear what's going on.
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White noise and cheap tapes are an old trick that worked great for years

Phygrian Dominant, which is the minor scale with a flat second, and major third.
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White noise and cheap tapes are an old trick that worked great for years

Burzum's Filosofem album is complete white noise.
Trem picking is a must. Lots of chromatics. Inverted powerchords (minor 3rds).
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