Anyone here have one/cool story about how you got it?
A black kid on my cross country kid was given the choice of having Denzel or Lando (black guy from Star Wars) as a nickname. He chose Denzel, so we call him Lando. lolz.
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Armstrong to moon bass.

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I just glanced and thought his name was tampon.

My name is callum. I hate it, so it was shortened to Cal

that being said, my guitar teacher used to call me beanpole after my freakishly weird surname.
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One time I was explaining to my some of my Uni mates about how in my early teenage years I was something of a wannabe gangsta. They, in jest, bestowed upon me the nickname 'Lethal Pezzle' which then stuck.

That's about the only one of my 3billion+ nicknames that has a story behind it.
I look a bit like Bryan Donahue from Boys Like Girls, so the majority of people call me Bryan rather than Alex, the only people that call me by my real name are people that knew me from school. Everyone else than that call me Bryan, some don't even know that's not my real name, my parents have even started calling me it.
So many nicknames it's almost hard to remember them all. Some of my friends have as many as 5 nicknames for me.

Two of my friends call me - among other names - "The Monopoly Devil" because when we were kids we would play that game and I would win every time. Making any deal with me in trading properties or whatever would be like making a deal with the devil. They eventually figured out that the only way they could beat me was to play to not lose - as opposed to playing to win. (if someone asks what the difference between the two is... sigh, just don't please.)
My Boss likes to call me "Lt. Dan" (my name is Dan obviously) because he is a big fan of Forrest Gump. I told him I don't like it, he said its ok it'll grow on me. It hasn't.
Some people just call me by my surname, but other than that i don't really have a nickname, what baffles me is when people put a "nickname" on facebook, even though i have never heard anyone ever call them it.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.