I read somewhere that there are 5 things that affect your final tone, one of which is the sort of bridge you have. However, it didn't explain how the bridge affects your tone.

I'm guessing that a guitar with a floating bridge will produce a different tone from a fixed bridge guitar, but how? Also which is better to get if you want a better tone?
FIxed bridges usually have more sustain than a floating tremolo, that's all I really know to be honest, When it comes to tone, the bridge isn't the first thing that comes to my mind.
Fixed bridges have better sustain and arguably a bigger low end compared to floating trems. Overall fixed bridges have better tone, although it is very subjective.
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depends on the tone you want.

as you say, fixed bridge versus trem is the big one- to my ears (and in different-types of guitar, so that's not the only thing affecting the tone), fixed bridges sound more "solid", possibly have a bit more sustain (though a good quality trem with a big steel or brass block should also have decent sustain), whereas trems have more of a "springy" quality to the tone, almost like a slight natural reverb (especially if they're floating), and often sound quite sparkly (if they're vintage strat-style trems).

Of course there are differences depending on the type of trem or hardtail, too.

I like the tone of both trems and hardtails, as i said, it depends on what you want. neither is better.
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