I have a acoustic guitar which i brought of a car boot sale for £2.50 I replaced the tuning keys but i face a few problems:

I want to paint it black so i brought plasti-kote (projekt paint) Matt super. Will this work for this guitar.

Also it has what i think are seeds in the sound hole which i need to get out how can i do this ?

What strings do i use for a aucostic guitar ?

Thanks ,
Matt (m.penver96)
painting an acoustic is going to really, really deaden the sound
if you're just going for looks and don't care about the sound, then you can paint it, but I think the paint you bought is made for plastic..

all you can really do to get something out of the soundhole is shake it around creatively till whatevers inside falls out

and for strings, go to a music store an they'll have a section for acoustic strings. what size and brand you choose is personal preference
dean markley makes some decent strings
just put the paint on smoothly. and to get the seeds out shake the guitar upside down just like yuoud do to get your pick out. and for strings you take steel strings or acoustic strings depending on which type of guitar it is.
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1) ive heard that painting acoustics cmpletely change the sound of the instrument, so bear this in mind if you still want to do it. ask questions in the refinishing thread as to weather the paints suitable.

2) shove a vacuum cleaner through the soundhole and turn it on. seriously, common sense as to how you get them out. shake them out, do whatever so long as it wont damage the guitar.

3) strings depend on the guitar. could be nylon, could be steel.
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£2.50 for an acoustic? Cool.

The paint will undoubtedly alter the sound.
A low powered vacuum will clean the inside (Dirt Devil or similar hand held unit would be ideal).
As for strings - a combination of personal preference and whatever is best suited to the guitar.