Eh... right.
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even now, an 8 year old could go download gorilla rape porn and jack off to it.
Damn hippie needs a haircut.
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You should be careful what you say. Some asshole will probably sig it.

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Yup, a girl went up to me in my fursuit one time.

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I can fap to this. Keep going.
Yarr, going through pirate puberty is harder than avoiding scurvy
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How about you don't insult my friend's dead mum, you prick.

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Too be he had to be a dick about his crayons.
I have never noticed this because I have no interest in the band and neither the man. Now that I have seen the picture, I disagree and think that you're stupid.
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What possibly compelled you to believe this was thread worthy?

And what gives with using the plural form in the thread title? Are there going to be more of these pirates? I'm not sure I approve.